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BPA takes seriously the safety of communities around oil and gas assets we operate. If you are planning any work near buried pipelines we operate, we insist that you contact us in advance. BPA will assist you free of charge.

We have a website dedicated to providing landowners, who live and work in the vicinity of our pipeline network, with detailed information on staying safe when operating near to underground pipelines – please visit

Onshore pipelines are the safest and most environmentally friendly method of delivering petroleum products. But they are also susceptible to external damage if safe working rules are not followed.

Things to do:

Call BPA pipeline 0800 585387 before starting work.
Send details of the proposed work to The Land and Wayleaves Dept, BPA, 5-7 Alexandra Road, Hemel Hempstead HP2 5BS.
Tell us if the oil or gas pipeline is not clearly marked.
Arrange a site meeting in advance, giving 7 days notice.
Inform all contractors about the pipeline.
Work with us to ensure activity is safely completed.

Things not to do:

Clean out ditches with mechanical equipment before talking to us.
Use machinery near a pipeline without contacting us.
Erect fencing across a pipeline without contacting us.

We want you to be safe when working near our pipelines.

To report a pipeline emergency – call 0182763708 or 0800585387. For more details on what to do and to download the Emergency Information Booklet click here.

We protect our pipelines by ground and helicopter patrols but we also need you to contact us before you plan any works in the vicinity of the pipelines because:
It helps to avoid personal injury or death for which landowners and contractors are responsible under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.
It helps avoid soil, water and atmospheric pollution and possible prosecution by the Environment Agency.
It helps avoid financial costs associated with repair and clean up which can reach £10,000,000.
It helps avoid breaking the law. The Deeds of Grant and the Pipeline Safety Regulations Act 1996 state that no works shall take place within 3m of a pipeline without prior approval by the pipeline operator.
It helps to avoid delays. BPA will stop any work that is deemed unsafe.

BPA is also a member of Linewatch which offers: free information, help and advice about buried pipelines in the UK.

If you are a Land Owner of a Tenant you can find out more about your responsibilities when planning to work near a buried pipeline here.
If you are a Contractor working in the vicinity of a buried pipeline you can find out more about your responsibilities here.



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0800 585387

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