What We Operate

The pipeline systems managed by BPA reinforce our credentials for providing operational services. Please hover over the pipeline to give an overview of the assets we manage.

    Point of Ayr to Connahs Quay Gas Pipeline:

    High pressure gas transmission system supplying a power station.

    UKOP System

    Owned by a consortium of UK oil companies, UKOP is some 650 km long, comprised of three integrated pipeline systems. It supplies multi-product fuels from refineries on the Rivers Thames and Mersey to inland distribution terminals, providing over 50% of Heathrow and Gatwick airports fuel needs. For 30 years BPA has been responsible for management and development of the system, one of the most highly used, complex and fully automated multi-product installations of its kind – and a key UK strategic supply asset.

    Walton – Gatwick Pipeline System

    The Walton – Gatwick system is owned by a consortium of oil companies comprising of BP, Shell and Valero. Originally constructed and commissioned in 1984 it is the newest part of the UKOP network. The system comprises a mainline pump station at Walton on Thames and 36 kilometres of 10 inch pipeline linking Walton to Gatwick Airport in Sussex.

    Bacton – North Walsham

    Bacton to North Walsham gas condensate disposal system. A pipeline system carrying gas condensate from the major UK gas processing plant to rail loading facilities.

    Bacton-Great Yarmouth

    45km x 12″ high pressure natural gas pipeline from the gas terminal at Bacton to the Great Yarmouth power station.

    West London Pipeline and Storage System

    The West London system is owned by a consortium of oil companies comprising BP, Shell, Valero and Total. It was originally constructed in 1968 and was enhanced in 1984 with the addition of the Longford to Walton section. The West London system is dedicated to the onward transportation of aviation fuel to London’s main airports.

    London Airport Pipelines

    A pipeline system supplying aviation fuel to Heathrow Airport.


    10in x 232km high pressure cross country pipeline delivering refined products from the Total Lindsay Oil Refinery in North Lincolnshire to the Buncefield Terminal in Hertfordshire.