Pipeline Emergencies

BPA takes seriously the safety of communities around oil and gas assets we operate. We have developed proven procedures that allow us to respond rapidly to any emergency.

To report a pipeline emergency – call 0182763708 or 0800585387.

When you call to report a pipeline emergency, please be prepared to provide the following information if possible:

• Your name and telephone number
• The location of the incident (nearest house, farm, etc., village, town and county).
• If possible, an Ordnance Survey grid reference.
• Are people injured? Is there a fire? Is it leaking?
• Can you identify the leaking product?
• Is there pollution to a watercourse?
• Are the emergency services on site/ have you phoned?
• Can you/ any other person remain as our point of contact?

Read BPA’s Emergency Information Booklet here or download for printing your own copy here .


Call Us:

0800 585387

What to do?

In the event of an emergency involving one of our pipelines please contact the BPA Pipeline Control Centre on the free phone number above.
The Centre is manned at all times. Staff at the Control Centre will assist you and initiate BPA’s Emergency Response System.